Ocean Gaya

Born and raised with black music, jazz or psychedelic rock, Yann Mazé, aka Ocean Gaya calls attention of Plastic City and release his first Ep “Transitions” in 2008, followed by “Deliverance Ep” (2010) and other singles. Another two outstanding albums, Signs of A Coming Era (Lovezone 2008) and Island Secrets (Lovezone 2013), also numerous remixes (Terry Lee Brown Jr, Pablo Fierro, Satoshi Fumi, Klartraum, Kobana, etc…)

Diving with body and soul into endless home studio sessions, his reconversion from free lance skipper to producer is made in no time. With one of his friend, Christoph Kardek, he also creates Lovezone Records, an established french label oriented on deep, ambient, minimal tunes.

His tracks appear on numerous deep house compilations and you can find him on labels like Open Bar, Plastic City, Sea of Sand, Unknown Season, Lucidflow, Dutchie music, Lovezone, Mole Listening Pearls, Acryl music to name a few. Today he produces an elegant, deep, techno-flavoured house, attracting an ever increasing audience. His productions reflect an inner wealth and gain a true support amongst many respected producers.

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