Felippe Camargo aka Koala started to study music theory and playing drums at the age of eleven, on the Villa Lobos Conservatory, in São Paulo (Brazil). Since then, he never stopped dealing with music. After playing in an experimental Rock band for around seven years, Felippe started playing as a DJ in 2007. His influences pass through a variety of genres such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock and electronic music subgenres like Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Deep House and Dub Techno. Working as a DJ, Felippe had the opportunity to play in some of the most important nightclubs of São Paulo: D-Edge, Vegas, Lab Club, Mono Club, Squat Bar, Hot Hot, 3P4, Tostex, Blue Velvet, Na Mata Café and many others.

In 2010, he created the project Koala with the idea of producing House grooves sustained by deep melodies and sub basslines. Now his releases can be found in many labels around the world: Limitation Music, Elektrik Dreams Music, Ready Mix Records, Dubhe Recordings, La Pitti Records, Votan Records, Hush Deep, Sound Vessel Records, Deep Site Digital, Galvanic, Parasol Phonotheque, Mercado Paralelo Music, Be Adult Music, Deep Clicks and more. During years of experience producing music, Felippe had the chance to remix names such as Satoshi Fumi, Big AL, Dee Mac, Domestic Science, Hardmix and many others.

Some influences: Lemongrass, The Timewriter, Sven Van Hees, Terry Lee Brown Jr., De-Phazz, Addex, Monte La Rue, Savvas, Blackfish, Rishi K, Van, Anthony Mea, Bonobo, Marc Hartman, Kevin Yost, The Sura Quintet, Schwarz & Funk, Thievery Corporation, Moodorama, Tosca, Dzihan & Kamien, Onur Ozman, Baby Mammoth, Jens Buchert, Lazy Hammock and Sade.

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