Koala – Jour Et Nuit EP

After his track Grateful For Being Here on the compilation Selection Box 1, Koala returns on Limitation Music fresh in 2017 with a 3 track ep named Jour Et Nuit, release number 30. Koala is a DJ, drummer and music producer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During his young hood, he used to listen so much rock and its sub genres such as Indie, Post-Rock and Hardcore. He had an Experimental/Rock band for about 6 years. Since this period, Felippe always has been interested in looking for new horizons in the music and go deep into the discography/history of the bands he liked.

The first opener track Jour Et Nuit presents a gentle melody in a continuous rhythmatic progression till the end, the second track Box Of Desires gives aswell the gentle touch leaning towards a more deep side while the last track Winter Memory connects with the first track in the rhythmatic way but bringing lots of pads, pianos and rhodes all together in a compact way. Enjoy.

01 Koala – Jour Et Nuit
02 Koala – Box of Desires
03 Koala – Winter Memory

Release Date: January 20, 2017

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