Chris Bravo

Bravos Christos, known as Maax 52,was born and raised in Athens. At an early age , he realised that music would be a way to express his feelings He was just a 14-year-old boy when he bought his first vinyl record. Eventually ,electronic music , caught his interest. On a daily basis ,he kept looking for ways to create his own tracks. It was at that time, that he made his first steps into music production.Over the next years he devoted himself to music technology and experimented with different music categories.

He has made several releases not only in Greece but abroad as well.In 2013,having already gained enough experience into music production,as a fan of house & techno music, he began his new project ,under the name Maax 52. Its main sound was with deep/tech house elements. A few months later he released his first EP single ( My Last Chance) by “ The Sound Of everything Deep Records” and he is already considered to be one of the most promising talents in house/tech scene. Meanwhile he is working on new remixes for known producers like Metodi hristov , Big Al, Addex etc.He has already started appearing in a numerous clubs around Greece with just one ultimate purpose. Share his feelings and passion for music…

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