Koala – Brainwash EP

Release 48 is the second EP from Felippe Camargo on the label. The first EP “Jour Et Nuit” was released in 2017, and after 6 years, his new EP “Brainwash” will feature the same 3 tracks like fhe first one. He started to study music theory and playing drums at the age of eleven, on the Villa Lobos Conservatory, in São Paulo (Brazil). Since then, he never stopped dealing with music. After playing in an experimental Rock band for around seven years, Felippe started playing as a DJ in 2007. His influences pass through a variety of genres such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock and electronic music subgenres like Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Deep House and Dub Techno.

The first track is a laidback deep house style which is amost similar to “Jour Et Nuit” track from the first ep, but with a more slower pace. The second track “Dust Left Behind” brings a bit of classic house and techno, with similar clap, kick, chord progression and even a bit of vinyl scratches sound along the track. The last track “Lazy Breeze” gives more melody to the release and we hear small elements like hihats, vocals and delays of sounds, all around with the chord pad in the background.

01 Koala – Brainwash
02 Koala – Dust Left Behind
03 Koala – Lazy Breeze

Release Date: June 1, 2022

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