Addex – Cloudescape (The Story)

Released initially on the album Eko in 2021, Cloudescape is getting a full release of different track variations and remixes under catalog number 58 on our label. The original version gives a gentle piano and melody attitude with an organic house feel to it. All the sounds of the track are packed together for summer vibes and warm feel either for easy listening throughout the day or at night.

Ilias katelanos remix was released before in Eko (NightMode) EP and from his remix, an Ambient version was created. Both his versions have different keynotes than the original track, which feels perfect for summer listening. Keeping the same keynote, Openzone Bar remix, Addex alias, slowing down the rhythm and turns in to chill out style while having most of the originals sounds from the track. The short version of the original gives more direct approach on the sounds and construction of the track.

01 Addex – Cloudescape
02 Addex – Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Remix)
03 Addex – Cloudescape (The Urban District Remix)
04 Addex – Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Ambient Mix)
05 Addex – Cloudescape (Openzone Bar Remix)
06 Addex – Cloudescape (Short Version)

Release Date: September 01, 2023

Available on (click for store): Beatport // Apple Music // Spotify


Thank you for this beautiful story!

Original and Ilias Katelanos’ 4/4 mixes are sweet. Openzone Bar’s and The Urban District’s new versions by Addex are beautiful. Will support them.

beautiful ep ,i m glad to be part of this !

A BEAUTIFUL Release.. Smooth sweeping vibes that saturate your mind. Amazing originals and fantastic reworks. 10/10