Addex – Eko (Night Mode) EP

LIM40 is the next ep with remixes of certain tracks that were released on Addex last album. Eko (NightMode) is a remix pack which includes the work of Anton Lanski, Ilias Katelanos and the new additions to the label, Dubtommy and Alessandro Crimi. The first remix on the EP, which is delivered by Dubtommy of Across The Endline track, has the original atmosphere pad in the background and the remix gives a flow and a deep-dub vibe that has smooth soundscapes sounds.

Anton Lanski Beyond remix of also Across The Endline track, turns it into a dub groove vibe in a hypnotic way. Keeping the natural background and a chill pad of the original, his remix is more different upbeat and driving sound. Ilias Katelanos remix of Cloudescape gives a diverse flavor, more melodic and bring the organic house in his particular style. With slightly piano notes from original, background vocals and organic instruments, the remix is perfect for a chilling summer vibe. Last remix of Alessandro Crimi on Imbold track, has a more dub-techno sound over it and apart from the original track, the sub bass, chords and pads are well arranged just enough to make his remix very lush and smooth.

01 Addex – Across the Endline (Dubtommy Remix)
02 Addex – Across the Endline (Anton Lanski Beyond Remix)
03 Addex – Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Remix)
04 Addex – Imbold (Alessandro Crimi Remix)

Release Date: July 23, 2021

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alessandro crimi

ilias katelanos

anton lanski







Wonderful release and pretty versatile in flavours. Master Katelanos’ remix is my favourite from the package – magical tune and perfect fit for the summer vibes this year! Support for the whole release! Thanks for sharing with me! Much love!

That Dubtommy Remix is smooth

nice release, nice remixes!

Wow, blown away. This is the older style Limitation Music that I love……thank you!!!

Will be playing all on the shows! Beautiful remixes

A beautifully deep journey Smooth warm vibes that smack of pure outstanding quality…

Omg! It’s perfect! Just perfect as music can be!

Lovely remixes. Mr. Katelanos did an amazing job to a great original already so my favorite here is his remix.

beautiful remixes ,i am really glad to be part of this project !

Ilias Katelanos Remix is a stunner will support thanks for sending!

Lovely, serene mixes! A definite must have