Wade Watts – Layers of Dawn EP

Wade Watts is making his debut for our label with four original tracks under the Layers of Dawn EP and marking the release number 46. Wade Watts is a South African born Deep House producer from Evaton South of Johannesburg and his music influence is inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s House Music and he is not afraid to pay homage to Hip Hop/Soul and Kwaito Music that paved a way for him over the past few years. In the past few years, Wade has been release under labels like Dubwise Records, DeepStitched, Superordinate Dub Waves.

Layers of Dawn is an EP that comes with a bit of noir sound, slow, melancholic and dub waves. First track, Ruins, brings the intro sound to the release by an atmospheric feel of nostalgia with the 2 key pad theme, spoken vocals and background effects. The second track, Beyond the Aquila Rift, is a slow, dub deep house track, with a touch of chords and pad line mixed with atmospheric delays. Third track, Fiction 2049, has a more rhythm than second track, but the main deep and dub theme is present. With more dancing hihats, Fiction 2049 feels like a continuation of Beyond the Aquila Rift but the notes and elements are in a different state. Last track, Echoes From the Edge of Eternity, ends the release with pure dub sound, few effects now and there during the track, chords and fx sounds are also involved. The deep subs and spoken vocals remind a bit of some of the Driftwood label sound.

01 Wade Watts – Ruins
02 Wade Watts – Beyond the Aquila Rift
03 Wade Watts – Fiction 2049
04 Wade Watts – Echoes From the Edge of Eternity

Release Date: March 25, 2022

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Nice. Very nice stuff. Welcome to the Limitation family Wade Watts. This is good stuff.

Minimal beauties

Fiction 2049 is really nice support!!!!

smooth and perfect timing for Spring!


Great release! thanks so much

Solid deep n Dubbie vibes folks, Top release..

love the sound of whole EP. Great WORK!

beautiful release ,lots of deepnes and lovely soundscapes

Solid deep n Dubbie vibes folks, Top release..