Helly Larson, Miss Disk – Antistatic EP

We are back with a special new release, number 38, from Helly Larson and Miss Disk. This release is a different one because holds an unreleased track ‘Antistatic’ by Helly that he was working on with Miss Disk before he passed away in 2017. Two tracks were gathered from our sublabel (Limitation Dust) as a past release. When Helly sent us his EP ‘Natural Dreams’ in 2016, he sent 2 more.

Antistatic is Helly’s deep techno trademark that he was recognized, as he started with more upbeat deep house from 2008-2009 at high as 127bpm. ‘One Day’ track is more melodic and more to deep house zone, while ‘Set Free’ has that deep-progressive layer. Over the years he developed a lean sound and he perfected the deep house style.

He took his tracks to a new level of sound, rhythm and deep atmosphere magic in his most notable work, the two albums he did on Plastic City: ‘On Your Way’ and ‘Haven’, which he is now.
-In memory of Helly Larson-

01 Helly Larson, Miss Disk – Antistatic
02 Helly Larson, Miss Disk – One Day
03 Helly Larson, Miss Disk – Set Free

Release Date: December 15, 2020

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”Pure class From Both Helly Larson and Miss Disk A shining light in the world of Deep house that was sadly lost to us in 2017. Both Helly and Miss Disk have without doubt an amazing talent in music production, both are highly respected artists that have given the world of Deep House and Electronic music, some of its most highly respected Anthems that are still being played to this very day. Both are perfect examples, not only as to the warmth and love of the music and its congregation of producers and DJ,s. They are also an enduring example of the love and warmth that two people could have and share with each other. Their way of life is one to be reached for, as is their quality in them making music together. it is an amazing event to have one last track from Helly and Miss Disk jointly produced, and also released on one of the most respected and smoothest Labels around. To have one last track from Helly is a real blessing. I love each and every track on this release, and for all those that are starting to produce their own music, this is a perfect example of how to exactly get the vibe Right.. Amazing release Limitation Music One I will definitely be playing. All 3 tracks are Pure Class. 10/10 Mark The Sounds Collective”

”Great ep!!! We will definitely play it!”

”Antistatic for me and full support in my 3AM radio show”

”Nice to see Limitation is back!! Also its nice to see Helly’s name to be out again even if he is gone, his name and music is here to stay! Very good Deep Dub Ep here, A+. Cheers to Miss Disk too!”

”his release brings so much layered emotions… hard to put it in words. Happy to see those names together, and I’m quite happy to see Limitation Music breathing again as well. Many thanks for this promo! Best regards and much love <3”