The Urban District – Mindset (Album)

The first album on the label comes from the Addex alias, The Urban District. With slow, smooth, dub and dry elements, Mindset album delivers surreal and simple sounds, with some tracks, throwback of Driftwood and Tonika releases. The original track Mindset was part of Selection Box 1 compilation released on May 25, 2015 and is included in this release, wich also give the album name, alongside another 7 tracks.

Putting together unfinished and dusty works, Addex marks the 2nd album under his alias, after Orion Destination in 2012 on NightChild Records. The range genre on this album we can find dub style on tracks such as Program Dust, 100.2, Surrealism, Mild And Sunny and even Some Thing has the sound, to chill deep house tunes such as Mindset, One To Zero or Bartizan. A minimal album with delicate touches.

01 The Urban District – Surrealism
02 The Urban District – Some Thing
03 The Urban District – Mindset
04 The Urban District – Mild and Sunny
05 The Urban District – Program Dust
06 The Urban District – One to Zero
07 The Urban District – Bartizan
08 The Urban District – 100.2

Release Date: June 01, 2016

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