The Urban District – Driftbox (Album)

After seven years since the last album ”Mindset”, a new album by The Urban District is released under our label called ”Driftbox”. Like the previous one, the main theme of the dub sound is kept but this one is more refined. There is a bit more uplifting sound, more groove is inserted, few short vocals in some tracks and a different atmosphere which we are hearing with more pads and chords merging together. From the first track Driftbox 1 to Driftbox 10 you can hear a full and complete connection between songs.

The album is starting with an ambient reprise dub sound, setting the tone for the next ones that follows. Driftbox 2 plays the introduction track with deep house sound, Driftbox 3 follows the deep house sound and pushing a bit of rhythm, Driftbox 4 and 5 turns in to ambiance of melody and deep feelings, with more pads around and short vocals. Driftbox 6 and 7 comes back again with deep flow and pushing more techno side in Driftbox 8. At Driftbox 9, the ambiance and atmosphere is coming back while Driftbox 10 track plays the same role as first one, but in reverse, that of a closing reprise track.

01 The Urban District – Driftbox 1
02 The Urban District – Driftbox 2
03 The Urban District – Driftbox 3
04 The Urban District – Driftbox 4
05 The Urban District – Driftbox 5
06 The Urban District – Driftbox 6
07 The Urban District – Driftbox 7
08 The Urban District – Driftbox 8
09 The Urban District – Driftbox 9
10 The Urban District – Driftbox 10

Release Date: May 20, 2023

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Solid solid release. I love this

Wonderful return of The Urban District project. The full album journey is pure magic that could easily teleport any listener to a special place of soothing, peaceful relaxation surrounded by unparalleled atmospheric, zen-alike sounds, melodies and rhythms. The perfect formula for an ecstatic dance experience. Wonderful to hear again some signature Addex sounds. Full support and a massive thank you for this promo!

Very interesting album here. Also different concept of naming tracks 🙂 This album feels more like an album to listen at the background…Its better to listen at once than individually…

Stunning collection of deep smooth n dubbie beats.. love this limitation.. top release..

absolutely stunning release as i would expect from the urban district.

Nice atmosphere, All tracks are very cool. Thanks so much