Alveol – Galaxy EP

Release number 29 is coming with a warm debut by Alveol to the label. Alveol’s productions push the boundaries of house and techno through a diverse array of sonic textures, allowing for deep travels into the inner cosmos, be it at home or in the club. Galaxy is the name of the ep and it starts slowly with Mana II, a 9 minutes deep chill song.

The second track Glacial moves in the downbeat chill zone, with the melodic quitar theme around it. The third track Skyline Glow is the most ambient one in the ep, a warm dub techno touch, while the last track Galaxy gives the ep a dance look by it’s deep progressive style. Enjoy.

01 Alveol – Mana II
02 Alveol – Glacial
03 Alveol – Skyline Glow
04 Alveol – Galaxy

Release Date: November 01, 2016

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