Tension – Brothers EP

Our third release comes from Germany, by Tension with his ep called “Brothers”. Tension was inspired by the musical collection of his parents and he defined his roots in Rock, Metal and also 90’s Soul and Hip Hop. By the first visit’s of local clubs and festivals, he discovered the electronic music scene and was fascinated by techno acts like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills or labels like Basic Channel, Perlon or even Ninja Tunes. Based on this mixed influences he always creates a certain deepness in his music, trying to express feelings and experiences in his sounds and dj sets.

The ep has three tracks under, the first one is the title of it, “Brothers” wich delivers a hypnotic sound by the nostalgic and dry pianos, reversed and lost into the track, alongisde the dreamy effects and vocals, that carries the track along the way. “Jazzy Purpose”, the second track, made in collaboration with Maurice Brown, gives a little power to this ep. A bouncy track that has trumpets, pianos and again, that hypnotic mood that Tension knows how to do it. The last track “Page Frame” brings the ep a bit down with soundscapes elements, warm pads and tiny atmospheric cutts.

01 Tension (GER) – Brothers
02 Tension (GER) – Jazzy Purpose (With Maurice Brown)
03 Tension (GER) – Page Frame

Release Date: November 05, 2014

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