INTERVIEW – Rory Cochrane

  5 November 2023

Hi Rory, can you tell us how did you first get in touch with electronic music?

Hi Alex! Nice to be back on the label! So I would say I first got in touch with electronic music was the late 90’s during my first experiences on the North East club scene at event at places like Shindig, To The Manor Born, The Empire, The Arena, Hard Times & Tall Trees…discovering music being played by artists such as Roger Sanchez, Farley & Heller, Masters at work, Holloway & Eastwick, Scott Bradford & Scooby, Paul Trouble Anderson, Graeme Park, Alister Whitehead, Tom Wainwright, Dj Pippi, Dave Morales, Julius Papp, Miguel Migs, Terry Hunter, Full Intention, Fathers of Sound….very good times!

What is your music inspiration or artists that have influenced your sound?

Certainly my passion and love for Deeper house music was inspired and influenced a lot from early Deep House West Coast sound from a collection of artists and labels I was discovering… I was all over labels like Naked Music, Inspirit Music, OM Records, Deeplay, Seasons, Airtight, Siesta, i Records, Large, DIY, House Cafe Music, Imperial Dub, Dessous, Guidance and i was just loving the stuff producers like Miguel Migs, Rasoul, Fresh & Low, Fred Everything, Dj Ino, Charles Webster, Dubtribe Sound System, Hippe & Halo, DJ Jauche, Vincenzo to name a few.

What do you enjoy most about making music?

I’m really selective of projects I take on these days simply because of limited time with my work and family life…., so obviously I get a little excited when starting a new project haha. I love to make music in general but at the same time, creating a special connection with the listeners and labels and artists I work with is special and important for me.

Do you have at the moment a favorite electronic artist or artists from UK that you like and why?

I’d say a particular favourite over the last years has to be Death On The Balcony these guys are on fire right now, pure Deep House music with an organic influence, other artists at the forefront of my radar…..Adam Nathan, YokO, Alejandro Mosso, Zone+, Dj Ino & MC Johnny Def, Ilias Katelanos, Big Al, Alex V, Addex of course 😉 all keeping it to my taste….deep, hypnotic, chic…atmospheric but with a perfect energy for my different moods.

How was to colaborate again with Sanna Hartfield for your new track “My Creation” and the process was the same when you guys made the track “Focus”, back in 2016?

I’m really excited to bring our second track finally, was a slightly different process this time round, Sanna recorded the Focus track vocal around the instrumental whereas this time Sanna recorded the My Creation song which I worked around for the new track, I had been sitting on the vocals for a few years actually I wasn’t getting the time I wanted to devote to making the track but finally this year we made it happen and very happy with it Sanna’s vocals are always great to work with. My Creation has more of a spoken word hypnotic feel which is the direction I wanted to bring to the track.

What was the first song you ever made or EP you released and if you can tell us the process of it?

My first production was a remix on my label ‘Deep Site Vinylized’ of an original track by producer Karmine Rosciano called ‘With You’ that we released on vinyl in 2014 I featured on the ‘remixed’ Ep which followed digitally….is quite a nice track had a bit of a soulful feel to it with some nice vocal work


How would you describe your music?

I’d say probably warm, deep, percussive house music with a hypnotic feel

Where do you think or wish that the next ”sound” in your future music productions be headed?

Hard to say but I will keep doing what I’m doing… I am always happy and grateful to keep working with the labels who have shown me their support to work with me and like what I do, I really want to invest more time into producing in the new year and hope to expand my sounds a little more there is a lot more quality to come I am sure

If you had to recommend one album/track for someone looking to get into electronic music, what would you recommend?

There was always one album I always felt was a great example for me by ‘Machomovers’ titled ‘Bare, Deep & Long’ on German label Sonntag Music in 2006 for me a really great album covering a wide selection of original material of downtempo, deep house and electronic music from Machomovers superb album in my opinion.

Can you share 5 tracks at the moment that you like?

1. Death On The Balcony – Carry It With Us (Do Not Sit On The Furniture)
2. Serious Dancers – Purification (TOR)
3. Alex V – Impulse (Deep Site Vinylized)
4. Zone+ – A Star (MDLbeast Records)
5. Broj – Daydream (Powel Remix) (Minds Alike)

What are your plans for your future releases?

In 2024 planning on working on my first vinyl release on my Deep Site Vinylized label under my collab project with partner and good friend ‘Funtom’ so will be excited for that which may see a release later in the year so will have a high focus on this and let’s see, my production schedule is pretty free at the moment

Where fans can be reaching or following you?

So my usual social hangouts for people to connect are Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook and also I have a cool linktree which people can check out see links below:

Beatport, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook

Rory Cochrane & Sanna Hartfield “My Creation” track available on beatport from Selection Box 4 compilation 

  • Release date exclusive: 21 november 2023
  • Worldwide release: 1 december 2023