Addex – Tons of Moondust (Reissue 2022)

Originally released in 2009 on Soul Industries Records, Tons of Moondust EP by Addex will be reissue on Limitation Music after almost 12 years. The tracks are slightly re-mastered but the difference is heard in the tempo of 2 tracks. Both Original Mix & The Urban District Remix were released in 125bpm and the mastered version on this released, they both are at 122bpm.

On this release, a new version and unreleased of the EP is the ambient version “Reprise”, which it never got to be released on the original EP in 2009. The Original Mix sound more in the House style area with a bit of Deep House spark, both Reprise and Creuse Passion Mix has more Ambient and Deep sound in them with a bit of piano notes, while The Urban District Remix gives a pure driving deep house sound experience.

01 Addex – Tons of Moondust (The Urban District Remix)
02 Addex – Tons of Moondust (Creuse Passion Mix)
03 Addex – Tons of Moondust (Reprise)
04 Addex – Tons of Moondust

Release Date: July 01, 2022

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