Dubtommy – Immersion EP

Coming from the Netherlands, Dubtommy delivers the next ep number 43 called Immersion. After the remix of Addex track Across The Endline, he is returning with his first official ep on the label with 3 original tracks. His recent work was released on labels like MixCult Records, Stately Records, Electrolux Real MusiQ and Waehlscheibe to name a few. In his past releases, his distinct sound was mainly a process of deep-dub techno but in his Immersion ep he takes the ambient, slow and breakbeat approach that we find in his first two tracks.

The ep starts with Immersion which delivers spoken hypnotic words along the track with a breakbeat sound and atmospheric dreamy pad. Sound of chimes and the shakes are filling the track with tranquil feel. The second track is perfect for an intro set. Silhouette (Movement) has a pure ambient and calm sound that blends well with a two note bassline and soundscapes atmosphere in the background. Extending Curve finishes the ep with a deep house sound. Melody is present in this track by a driving synth sound, with the spoken words and reverb chords that are present sometimes in the track progression and blends well with the entire track’s flavour.

01 dubtommy – Immersion
02 dubtommy – Silhouette (Movement)
03 dubtommy – Extending Curve

Release Date: December 15, 2021

Available on (click for store):


Exquisite work by Dubtommy. I’m familiar with his work through MixCult and I must admit I’m quite happy to see him involved now with Limitation Music. Beautiful EP which I’m happily going to support! “Extending Curve” will be my first pick but the whole package is more than worthy and I’ll do my best to give it all a spin! Thanks for the promo!

Nice Chill tracks…

Extending Curve…

Fantastic dub techno tracks, beautiful ambience !

Beautiful vibes smooth deep dub at its best.. Thanks Limitation great music..

Nice vibes

Thanks for the tunes

nice ep, very calming and relaxing sounds!