Selection Box 1 (Compilation)

Release number 12 is the first compilation on the label, including unreleased originals from artists, some with label debut release or others who have been released before, all together under the name of ”Selection Box” compilation, seeing the first volume. Artists under this various artists release are Troy and 9Lives, Slice Keytronix all coming from South Africa with some Breakbeat and slow tempo deep house, then we have Karmine Rosciano with the track ”You Can See”, Koala with his track ”Grateful For Being Here”, Deepdoon delivering two originals at his debut release on the label, ”Monsoon” and ”Sunset Boulevard” and the previous artists who have been released before are The Urban District (Addex) with the track ”Mindset” and Portofino Sunrise with his great touch ”Reach Down”. Enjoy.

01 Troyder, 9Lives – Octaves
02 Karmine Rosciano – You Can See
03 The Urban District – Mindset
04 Portofino Sunrise – Reach Down
05 Deepdoon – Monsoon
06 Slice Keytronix – Redirect
07 Koala – Grateful for Being Here
08 Deepdoon – Sunset Boulevard

Release Date: May 11, 2015

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