Ilias Katelanos – That Jazz Thing EP

Release number 13 is provided this time by the Greek producer Ilias Katelanos and his on spot representation of two genres together, deep house and elements of jazz. The ep opens up with That Jazz Thing, having fresh sounds of jazz working through the track of his very distinctive rhythmic flow, including warm spoken vocals around the middle part. Second track Being Apart takes a deeper approach in a serious keynote, once again with Ilias ability to be on spot with the flow of the track. The middle is moving forward with musical Rhodes played by his friend G. Dellis (George D Ellis), adding once more, precision in the track. Third track and last one is aswell in collaboration with G. Dellis, this time providing the piano part, a track that moves a bit in the dub style but with a reflective and tense mood over it.

01 Ilias Katelanos – That Jazz Thing
02 Ilias Katelanos, G. Dellis – Being Apart
03 Ilias Katelanos, G. Dellis – Hammock Dreams

Release Date: June 01, 2015

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