Addex – Kultural EP

Release number 14 comes from Addex, who is delivering to the label the debut ep with a complete work of four tracks. Kultural is the name of it, a fresh work from Addex, wich his last ep was in January 2015 under EDM Underground. With bright elements and a bit of dub touch, Kultural brings the colorful and rhythmatic side of a deep house track. Starting the ep, Kultural gets rhythmatic from the beginning, smooth construction but not too heavy, atmosphere in the back and bits of vocals wich are part of Addex sound, playing a role in the track and providing a deep feeling in a bright state of mind. Second track Alabama Slammer is the most different track from the others in this ep, getting into more minimal and tech stuff but giving the crazy rhythmatic look by the hypnotic chord in the back over the entire track. Third track called Layers Of Dawn is a lush track with a bit of deep dark and a soul sound, but with a more melodic approach .The last track wich is Lowfit gives a big of reminiscence by the old sound of deep house, mainly with a two-sided keynote synth pad moving all over the track. painting by: Lena Giannieri

01 Addex – Kultural
02 Addex – Alabama Slammer
03 Addex – Layers of Dawn
04 Addex – Lowfit
05 Various Artists – Promo Mix (Mix)

Release Date: June 08, 2015

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