Addex – Eko [Album]

Next release comes with a 11 track album by Addex called ”Eko”. After experimental tracks on his last label releases ”Stonewall Writings” chapters 1, 2 and the full ambient release ”Technicism”, this release contains chill and melodic sounds, deep house and a techno-driving track like Subdual. The pack starts with New Temporal Frontier, a dreamy uplifting track that open the album, bring up the feeling and boost the energy for the next ones. The feeling continues with the second track Across The Endline but with more depth and layers of rhythm over it.

Third track, Cloudescape, gives a gentle piano and melody attitude with an organic house feel to it. Mainland has a deep house presence as the fourth track while Imbold turns back the pack to an ambient smooth reprise with a calming ending. The track Eko provides again a deep house feel, but this time combined with uplifting rhythm. Subdual brings some classic Addex style and turns into midnight techno-driving sound.

As the last 4 tracks of the album come next, both Everlasting and Astral Travel tracks gives a calm mood, while Endless Imbalance takes you on a dub natural progression journey ending with the last track From The Last Departure on a relaxing note. Enjoy.

01 Addex – New Temporal Frontier
02 Addex – Across the Endline
03 Addex – Cloudescape
04 Addex – Mainland
05 Addex – Imbold
06 Addex – Eko
07 Addex – Subdual
08 Addex – Everlasting
09 Addex – Astral Travel
10 Addex – Endless Imbalance
11 Addex – From the Last Departure

Release Date: April 1st, 2021

Available on (click for store):

Bandcamp page fullmix:



Really excited about this release. This collection takes me back to the chilled vibes of tracks like “Function Fields”, “Road to Stars” and the classic early sounds of Moments in Timeless Strings and Memories Provides.Really good to hear this sound coming back again.

great Album and deep journey by Addex , congrats.

”Nice to see Limitation is back!! Also its nice to see Helly’s name to be out again even if he is gone, his name and music is here to stay! Very good Deep Dub Ep here, A+. Cheers to Miss Disk too!”

great stuff..loving Eko! support there also on Subdual & Cloudescape thanks for sending!

following addex’s music for a few years now – love his style! 100% support

The are very few PROMO Albums I Listen to Twice. This Nearly Got A Third Spin. Lost Myself to this amazing album from the awesome Addex 11/10 From one of my all time favourite producers. Limitation Music

An incredible work by Addex, is the kind of albums that stays for ever with you to listen in your most chill moments or your inner moments of personal isolation, little diamonds of personal happiness and album to share with others and at the same moment to share it with yourself, very mature well worked LP, thanks for it.

“Amazing, high quality music as you would expect from Addex. NEVER DISAPPOINTS us fans.”

Amazing album ! all the way !

So hard to choose… perfect album as always. U da deep mastermind!

Honey into my ears! Music quality on highest level! Absolutely amazing album! Limitation is a new Plastic City!

Such a beautiful album. Every single track in here is solid. I am definitely playing Mainland and Eko in my next dj set. proper stuff Addex bro!

Unique atmospheres as always. Very creative and moody. Thanks for the music!

Beautiful album. “Mainland” is my favorite, will support it.

It is great to see you back Addex! What a come back, an album that is a keeper for sure! I personally enjoyed this album a lot…Cloudescape is my favorite…This album is easily a 10….Cheers bro!

Master Addex does again !!! great work in this Dub Tech experience. Beautiful landscapes for travel in mind !

Excellent album by Addex. It’s been a while but it was worth the wait after hearing the snippets here. Amazing ambient atmospherics and a bunch of wonderful Dubby Deep House productions with a distinct signature sound by LM’s main man. Full support for “EKO”! Thank you so much for the promo!