Troyder & Tee Maestro – Quantum Spirituality (Remixes)

The release number 44 is starting 2022 with a remix ep for Troyder and Tee Maestro track Quantum Spirituality, which is taken from Delta EP back in May 2021. Since then, Troyder has released a remix for record label Round Robin Recordings and also Tee Maestro recently had a remix and a collaboration track with Jazzuelle on Stay True Sound label. Soon after Troyder ep, Tee Maestro had a debut 4 track ep titled Hydroponic Blueberry on our label which he has received positive reviews and few tacks of this ep have been seen in his top 10.

For Quantum Spirituality remix ep, two remixers are joining for a reshaped work, and like Troyder and Tee Maestro, they are also both from South Africa: Krippsoulisc and Menzaro Suzaki. From Krippsoulisc remix, we see a groovy work in his usual style, with less melody comparing to the original track and with a bit of dark and rhythmic touch. As for Menzaro Suzaki version, it goes to a more dub techno patch and like Krippsoulisc remix, the groove is still present but with a more slower feeling.

01 Troyder, Tee Maestro – Quantum Spirituality
02 Troyder, Tee Maestro – Quantum Spirituality (Krippsoulisc Remix)
03 Troyder, Tee Maestro – Quantum Spirituality (Menzaro Suzaki E.R Dub)

Release Date: January 21, 2022

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really nice dubby sounds !

krippsoulisc remix is the stand-out of this ep. original is chill as well.

The gents did a solid job on the remix.

Quality tracks !

Great release, love Krippsoulisc remix. Thanks