Jero Nougues – Collective EP

The first release of Limitation Music, comes from the young and talented argentinian, Jero Nougues, with his “Collective” EP. Having his work released on several labels like Soul Deeparture Records, Grouper Recordings, Savoir Faire Musique, 5 and Dime Recordings or DeepClass Records, Jero style has always been a strong and rhythmic deep house sound, influenced by the Chicago and UK house. With this EP, he brings his sound a bit down, which goes around 118 and 115 bpm, giving it a bit of pace and punctuation in his trademark.

The EP contains three tracks, ”Collective” is the starter track which is a nostalgic-melodical production provided by the warm pianos and smooth chords. The second track ”Get Over It’, comes more colourful in the ep by the warm vocals and trumpet. And the last track, ”End Of The Beginning” , keeps his groovy deep house sound but transformed into a 115bpm rhythm.
Hope you enjoy it.

01 Jero Nougues – Collective
02 Jero Nougues – Get Over It
03 Jero Nougues – End of the Beginning

Release Date: September 22, 2014

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