Troyder – Delta EP

After his track Octaves released in 2015 on Selection Box 1 compilation, Troyder is making his sound more visible with a new 4 track ep, Delta. Starting with Molding track, the release open with slow ambient deep sound which provides a perfect opening for the ep. Second track keeps the ambient going, but within 4/4 deep house style. The Labyrinth of Enlightenment continues as a hypnotic track with slow melody, dreamlike vocals and extra atmospheric pads placed cleverly along the way.

Third one, Quantum Spirituality is a collaboration with Tee Maestro, the most rhythmatic track from the release that provides energizing and refreshing shades of basslines and cuts while maintains as well the relaxing and calming background ambient with a slight touch of dub techno chords.

The last one, Delta, ends the release with a refreshing melody line that has parts of rhodes effect in construction of the track, ending in the same hypnotic way as the beginning. Overall Delta has the Troyder style on all tracks that has a build of slow-ish bpm and warm feel. As a part of his style, all tracks brings the dub of his sound that has been present for some years and will be existent in the future also.

01 Troyder – Molding
02 Troyder – The Labyrinth of Enlightenment
03 Troyder, Tee Maestro – Quantum Spirituality
04 Troyder – Delta

Release Date: May 21, 2021

Available on (click for store):


Lovely atmosphere all over the release! Cosmic soundscapes! Will more than gladly support the release! Thanks for the promo!

One Of his best work!

Smooth deep and amazing tracks Limitation. all four tracks are spot on. Thank you.

Nice release, Delta for me. Thanks so much

beautiful ep ! all the way !

Molding & Quantum Spirituality are dope ..

This package is phenomenal!

very nice work from Troyder, will play, thanks!