Helly Larson – Natural Dreams EP

For our release number 27, Helly Larson from Germany is another artist who is making his debut for the label. The Natural Dreams EP is his dynamic and very strong rhythmic sound with a touch of tech and techno that we will find in his last track of the ep, Past and Future Things. The first two tracks have a more upbeat vibe with a deep house composition, while the third track Got To Be Moving is a more rhythmic base sound, a deep house one with funky line. The vocal on Natural Dreams is very warm and goes well with the bassline, while the grounded Aquatic Journey track is placing a more serious tone, allowing the entire ep to have a good deep mixture.

01 Helly Larson – Natural Dreams
02 Helly Larson – Aquatic Journey
03 Helly Larson – Got to Be Moving
04 Helly Larson – Past and Future Things

Release Date: August 10, 2016

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