Addex – Electronic Streets (Reissue 2022)

The second reissue is for Electronic Streets EP by Addex that was out 11 years ago in 2011 on Proton sublabel Apollo. And to mark the release number 50 on our label, besides the original tracks that were release then, a new version of organic house will be included in this EP. The four tracks are: a new 2022 Version of original mix, the dub mix, the original and Tournament track from the original EP.

The 2022 Version brings the melodic house style to a slower 120bpm pace, comparing to original from 123bpm. The melody line and a bit of vocals are still there while other elements were included, like new bassline or pianos. Both the original and dub versions were also a bit re-mastered, and the last track Tournament was slowed down from 124 bpm to 122 and.

01 Addex – Electronic Streets (2022 Version)
02 Addex – Electronic Streets
03 Addex – Electronic Streets (Dub Mix)
04 Addex – Tournament

Release Date: July 15, 2022

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