The Urban District – Phase One EP

Our 7th release comes from an alias by Addex, named The Urban District. The first EP came in summer of 2009, “Getting Closer” and was released on the label NightChild Records followed in march 2012 with a full album, “Orion Destination” on the same label. During 2009 and 2010 several remixes were made on the labels like Soul Industries, Etoka Records or 2600 Records and many tracks/remixes were included in compilations under HiFi Stories, Lovely Mood or Recovery House labels.

Almost five years have passed since the last release and 2015 comes with a brand new ep “Phase One”, including three different tracks. The title opener for the ep, wich has the same name, comes strong with the smooth deep house sound. Putting a hypnotic chord as the track goes by, other dry elements around it such as short cuts of percussions or stabs, evolving togheter, gives the track a soft touch and makes it elegant and refined. “Retrace Your Steps” is the second track in wich the sounds are similar to the first, but the progression of rhythm comes more atmospherically aswell with the euphoric vocals. Closing track is “Dreamland” wich is the most melodic track of the ep, with dry sounds and short cuts of percussions, wich gives the release a classic look.

Drawings by: Lena Giannieri

01 The Urban District – Phase One
02 The Urban District – Retrace Your Steps
03 The Urban District – Dreamland

Release Date: February 16, 2015

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