Alexander Saykov – Veto EP

Our sixth release comes from Russian Federation and it’s by Alexander Saykov, with the ep “Veto”. Alex has releases under labels like DeepWit Uncovered, System Recordings, Mistique Music, EDM Underground or Cold Tear Records. With his unique sound of deep landscape and a atmosphere with dub influence, he delivers the EP in a well constructed matter. The EP contains two tracks, “Veto” begin slowly to increase in sounds as the track goes from the start, providing a mental sound of deep house, while on the second track “Casus” the rhythm is changed, a chilled deep house but still keeping the atmosphere around and delays on the track.

photo by: Markus Spiske

01 Alexander Saykov – Veto
02 Alexander Saykov – Casus

Release Date: February 10, 2015

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