Maax 52 – Beyond Words EP

Next release coming from Maax 52 and is delivering the new ep “Beyond Words”. Bravos Christos, known as Maax 52,was born and raised in Athens. At an early age, he realised that music would be a way to express his feelings. He was just a 14-year-old boy when he bought his first vinyl record. Eventually ,electronic music , caught his interest. On a daily basis ,he kept looking for ways to create his own tracks. It was at that time, that he made his first steps into music production.Over the next years he devoted himself to music technology and experimented with different music categories.

First track, the title opener “Beyond Words” comes with maax’s signature sound, a driving and a dynamic original with mystical sounds over the track, a spoken vocal in the break and a rich amount of percussions in loops, that spread over the track. The remix of ”Beyond Words” is delivered by Rory Cochrane and is the first remixer to be featured on the label. He open’s up his rework, with his own signature aswell, by starting with a pattern of synth at the beginning, with a delay on the vocal snippets in close up with the bassline. He keeps the flow almost the entire remix as in the break, he add’s more deep sound by the quitar cut’s, providing overall a muscular sound. Closing track of Maax is “Our Land”, a more deep club sound approach that contains well placed spoken words, good layer of stabs acroos the track and a background melody that containts short trumpet and pianos.

photo by: Kathrin Flachowsky

01 Maax 52 – Beyond Words
02 Maax 52 – Beyond Words (Rory Cochrane Remix)
03 Maax 52 – Our Land

Release Date: March 09, 2015

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