INTERVIEW – Wade Watts

                                                                         1 March 2022

Hi Wade, can you tell us what was your first introduction to electronic music?

Hello. I was firstly introduced to Mid Tempo House and then the South African Kwaito music in the mid 90’s and then early 2000’s, but in actual fact I was first introduced to electronic music by the arcade video games, i mean the game “Street Fighters “ and “ Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs “ still have some of the dope electronic music that was produced back in the 70’s and the 80’s.

What is your music inspiration or artists that have influenced your sound?
I don’t really have something that inspires me to make music however I do have a few artists that I draw inspiration from the likes of Addex, Sven Weissmann and Atjazz. These artists have playied a huge role in helping me become the artist that I am today and seeing myself working with them is something that I really look forward to.

Tell us a little bit about how your upcoming EP “Layers Of Dawn” came to be and what was the main inspiration or influence behind it?

My EP “ Layers Of Dawn “ is a 4 tracked EP that came after my obsession with ”noir” genre and the ”Blade Runner” movie, the music and the scenes in the movie just happen to spark a certain creativity in me so this EP is just a way of me showing homage to my favorites.

Do you have at the moment a favorite artist or artists from South Africa that you like and why?
Yes there are a couple of artists back home who I listen to and are doing great things such as my home boy Sir Rizio, Tee Maestro, Fred Monk, RaLf & Legacy202 and Synth-O- ven, these guys really doing the most in bringing quality music in the South African House Music scene to the world.

What was the first song you ever made and if you can tell us the process of it?
(Laughs…) in all honesty I don’t remember the first track I have ever made but I do however remember the first EP I have dropped and it was back in 2015 and it was ( Lazydeep – The Influx EP ) and it is horrible because I started making music back in 2014 and I was too ambitious and my skills back then were still rusty but I think someone out there enjoyed it.

How would you describe your music?

Deep – Slow – Steady in that particular order, my music is moody and atmospheric. It tells an ancient story that can only be translated to music. You can dance or chill to it, it is experimental and it evolves overtime.

What do you enjoy most about making music?

The thing I enjoy the most about making music is becoming who I really am without the pressures and stereotypes of our communities. When I make music I completely isolate myself from the world and enter the place with no limitations, a place where my creativity has no bound and can commune with the cosmos at the same time.

Where do you think the next ”sound” in your future music productions be headed?

I think my current sound is evolving into Ambient/Deep Tech and Electronica music but I think it’s still going to evolve so let us just wait and see what happens.

If you had to recommend one album/track for someone looking to get into electronic music, what would you recommend?

I may sound like a groupie but it will have to be Addex – Stonewall Writings (Reprise), anyone who can understand this track could navigate their way into the electronic music scene.

Can you share 5 tracks at the moment that you like?

1. Addex – Stonewall Writings ( Reprise )
2. Troy – Dub Everywhere ( Addex Remix )
3. Fred Monk & SoulFreqtion – Entourage ( Original Mix )
4. Wade Watts – Ruins
5. Tee Maestro – Power ( Original Mix )

What are your plans for your future releases?
I’m planning to continue to produce more challenging music and hopefully work with the label again and to create demand for my music.

Where fans can be reaching or following you?

The Can reach me on my socials:
: Facebook Page – Wade Watts
: Instagram @Wadewatts_016
: Twitter @Wadewatts_016

  • Wade Watts new ep is out on pre-order: 
  • Release date exclusive: 25 march 2022
  • Worldwide release: 8 april 2022