Addex – Citizen Break EP

Start of 2016 brings up on the label a new release by Addex. More peaceful than the previous work Kultural, this deep ep is a mixture between tranquility and synchronization. Filled with calmness and a laid back sound, Citizen Break gives a scenery from melancholic sounds, euphoric atmosphere and lush bits of calmness, a visualization of nature panorama. The song puts the rhythm into a hypnotic state with the flawless work of the ambiance in the background. Rotation Mode, the second track brings slow pace in the ep creation. The evolution of it is constant, on a loop, giving the track the feeling of weightlessness in orbit. Last track, Exhale, Relax blends the melody and the rhythm, again on a loop, provided by the elegance of the atmospheric two sided keynote pad, till the end when it slows down for a sleeping mode. Photo: Anthony Delanoix

01 Addex – Citizen Break
02 Addex – Rotation Mode
03 Addex – Exhale, Relax

Release Date: January 18, 2016

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