Addex – Eko (DayMode) EP

The second version as a remix edition, as a part of Eko album by Addex, is called DayMode which includes 4 new remixes and versions of tracks from the album. First release was on 23 July 2021, called NightMode and after more than a year, another four new tracks are being remixed. NightMode release included Across the Endline remix by Dubtommy Remix and another remix by Anton Lanski, Cloudescape was remixed by Ilias Katelanos and Imbold by Alessandro Crimi Remix. On DayMode version, New Temporal Frontier, Cloudescape and Everlasting are reworked.

New Temporal Frontier (Dub) track starts the ep more uplifting, with a touch of organic sounds, melancholical notes, pianos and 2 key chord that goes along the way like the original version. The bassline goes straight ahead and strikes well with the snare and kick and the pianos are more present in this Dub version.

Cloudescape has 2 versions done by Illuvia (Purl, Eternell), one which is an atmospheric dreamy track and lighter then the second one (reprise version), which has more drum elements, percussions and a longer construction. The last track reworked is Everlasting. Comparing to the slow rhythm and atmosphere melody around the track, the new Dub version has more deep house rhythm with cut sounds and precussions from the original version.

01 Addex – New Temporal Frontier (Dub)
02 Addex – Cloudescape (Illuvia Clouds Reprise)
03 Addex – Cloudescape (Illuvia Second Summer Cut)
04 Addex – Everlasting (Dub)

Release Date: December 02, 2022

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Clean. This is proper.
Still a magic sweet journey with Addex
Nice work with the Addex dubs really nice!

New temporal is great! thanks

Atmospheric dub electronica by definition. Beautiful release as a whole. Ludvig’s involvement is something special indeed and both his “reprise” and “summer cut” versions are just plain beautiful. Full support for Limitation music, yet again! Thanks for the music!

Stunning remixes! Dropping on the show

music for soul. thank you

exactly what i love ♥

Wonderful work from Addex !! Great one !!

Beautiful release, thanks so much, I Play in my radio show.

Such Smoothness, pure quality of sounds… Love this.. thank you for the beats… 10/10

Smooth tunes…Relaxing indeed!

Massive track! Full support on Cool Dance Radio.